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I’m about to start teaching a course in Library Skills to our Grade 8s.  The course is very short lasting only half a term and is intended to give every student coming into our Senior School the same basic grounding in library and research skills.  I have a pre-existing curriculum that is pretty good and I could walk in the door and teach it and do a fair job.  It covers the following:

Physical Library Orientation
Dewey Decimal Classification
Use of our Library Catalogue
Creating a bibliography in MLA and APA styles
Research Process
Types of reference sources
Use of our online databases
Internet research

As you can see, the curriculum is fairly complete and covers many important topics.  There is dated material within some of the presentations that needs to be tweaked, but I wonder what those with experience teaching these kinds of course think.  Do you work in a public library?  What kinds of issues do you see high school students having when it comes to research?  Those in the post-secondary world: what are the primary issues that you see need addressing based on the students who come your way? (almost all of our students go on to university, so they will be coming your way!)

Any and all input is welcome as update the course and make it mine.

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