OK, the orientation course wasn’t bad, but today seems like I haven’t been to school in years! OK, so maybe I haven’t. But you’d think that teaching for the last couple of decades would ease the blow.

What does the prof want? What is appropriate in this course that might not be elsewhere? What if I offend? Will my marks be effected for the rest of the course? Should I write everything in APA style now? Even my shopping lists? How accurate do I have to be with word counts? What if I can’t read that fast? (what if I just forget how to read altogether? – maybe librarianship ain’t the place for me)

I’m sure I’ll get my stride. But there was a bit of a chill when I jumped in the water today!

2 thoughts on “Back to school

  1. I’m with ya – definitely feeling the first day of school nerves. Excitement and energy met the frozen mind – “Whoa! Where do I start?” So glad for 203 – but that was just getting our feet wet. Now we’re swimming – hope I can find my flippers! (but yeah, I’m still very excited! overall!. Really enjoy your posts!

    1. Hi Elain. Yeah, by the time I was into the second pot of coffee, I felt like I was trying to get all of the next two week’s worth of work at the same time and second guessing everything I’d on the first pot. I’ve got the morning tomorrow and then some much needed distraction. I’m going into work! šŸ™‚

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