I lied to you.  I feel bad.  I said, weeks ago, that I’d be posting WAY more regularly given that one of my courses had a required blogging component.  The truth is, that it does, but it is on a course web site that is closed to students in the course.  Having said that, I did write a post this morning that I thought that might interest you.  I’ll try to copy and paste it in here.  It has some embeded HTML so we’ll see if it works.

Hmmm… it did. Not super clean. I had to do some editing, but interesting none the less. But you don’t care. Here’s the post:

Canadian Flag We’re 145 years old today.  It’s funny, I feel a hundred years younger!  No great plans today outside of working on my Research Methods critique and maybe getting my self organized for my thesis proposal.  Perhaps getting started on Week 8.  The weather sucks.  I guess we can’t call it Junuary any more.

I’m also thinking about web hosting.  It looks like so many of the web hosting services out there host on the back of some other product, like jumla, wordpress or something else.  I’m considering purchasing some web space but don’t want to be restricted in what I can do.  I’m enjoying knowing how to get down to brass tacks and have the freedom to make a page look the way I want it not the way some template creator thinks that it should look.  If anyone has any thoughts, I’d love to hear from you.

On an unrelated note, I caught a Joyce Valenza tweet this morning (that almost sounds like a disease.)  She’s got a ton of great ideas.  She doesn’t tweet much (compared to the 24/7 folks that fill my stream), but when she does, it’s usually good.  Through her, I discovered Readlists.  It is a way of taking a collection of web based articles and transforming them into digital books for later reading.  They can export to Kindle, iOS and android devices.  You can tweet them or share them in other social media streams.  It looks very cool and could have huge application in the education sphere.  Thought I’d share.  If anyone has been using it, I’d love to hear your experiences.

Have a Happy Canada Day!

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