Yes. You took me by complete surprise by replying, Leslie! 😉

I like how you lay GID and Design Thinking models on top of each other. I might extend that by thinking that the process of the “client” would be the Open through to Identify in the GID model. Then Design Thinking does parallel well through Gather, Create and Share. Of course, the student can play both the role of the client and designer when they are asked to find problems worth solving, exploring them and framing them in a way that a client might propose to a design firm.

I also like you comment about the role empathy played in the development of GID. It speaks the to role of teacher as designer. Maybe the provincial or state government establishes the curriculum and the teacher designs the experiences that the students engage in to learn the curriculum, which, of course, has to start with empathy with the student.

This is why I love blogging. Not that I do it enough, but when people like you push my thinking further by engaging me in conversation around the posts topic, the whole process is powerful!