I’m so glad you continue to apply your theoretical understanding along with your practical experience to articulate this. I hear many educators ‘doing inquiry’ and yet this can be as shallow as a lesson level getting students to question. There is a much needed shift many educators have to make and perhaps a leap to see how Inquiry and research are connected. If students ask questions but have little time to research to learn about them, then they may wonder why bother ask the deeper questions that I’m really curious about, when school offers no structure to pursue those questions.
As you know, I love playing around with how these models interact and intersect in real time and how they can improve all learning environments to achieve deeper learning and critical thinking required of us all today. Thank you for this conversation and sharing your insights here!
So glad to see Guided Inquiry a useful part of your repertoire and being used so thoughtfully within all these contexts to inform your instructional decision making.
Leslie Maniotes