It’d be interesting to see the gamut of those quick writes. You don’t happen to keep them do you? As for Spencer and Juliani, I’m too early in the book to make any conclusive judgements, so if the authors are out there reading this, PLEASE feel free to correct me! I’d picked up Launch and have Empower on my to read shelf because I felt that this might be the missing book out there that actually talked about framing the inquiry part of the Design Thinking process. There seemed to be enough in what I’d read about the book(s) that dealt with Design Thinking as an actual educational model that there might be something about scaffolding the actual skills associated with inquiry. While there is a lot about developing curiosity and asking good questions, I don’t feel like it goes as far as I’d hoped in terms of the skill development piece. It overlays with GID pretty well and you might be interested from that standpoint.