This blog was started at a time, in 2011, when my career was in the midst of a significant shift.  I’d spent the previous 20 years deeply involved in music and music education with some success, but I’d taken a giant leap within the world of education from music to something else.  I’d chosen to focus on the world of Libraries.  Some would point out how foolish that move was in an era where the music teacher and the librarian were (are) the first to be laid off when budgets were cut.  Still, I found the world of libraries more intriguing than most in a time of massive changes in education, and I wanted to be the centre of it.

Flash forward more than five years and my Masters in Library and Information Science is complete (San Jose State), but the learning is just getting going.  I’m less convinced than ever that I know what a teacher librarian is supposed to do and what my job really is.  I’m more comfortable not knowing and enjoying the ride.  I love the fact that a good school library/learning commons is a place where people come to explore questions and that I get to go there every single day.  It’s about learning about anything with others in a social space surrounded by resources and the tools to work with learning.  It’s like a giant play space for inquiry and that’s where I get to live.

I’ve been lucky enough to teach at St. George’s School, a private boys’ school in Vancouver for my entire teaching career.  I work with talented students and colleagues and am supported in my own learning as much as try to support the learning of others.  I’m interested in any way that I can help my community learn.  This is through everything from resource creation to providing a multitude of ways for learners to work with and communicate their learning.




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