This page is a collection of my writing representing any number of interests and ideas, but primarily focused in the world of school libraries.  Some of the writing you see here is a product of my MLIS work at San Jose State University.  The rest is independent publications.

Collection Development Using the Collection Mapping Technique: A Guide for LibrariansLaura Wimberley, David V. Loertscher, and Marc Crompton; Hi Willow Research and Publishing; 2014

Hypertext Novel Studies. Teacher Librarian, 41(3), 29-31.

Much to learn from Vancouver, BC. Teacher Librarian, 40(3), 20-24.

Personal Learning Environments: A Catalyst for Student Ownership of Learning – Presented at Treasure Mountain Canada Research Retreat 2014

Take Command of Your Own Learning with a Personal Learning Environment – David Loertscher and Marc Crompton

Defining the Role of Literacy in the School Library of the 21st Century

Follett Destiny Library Manager: An Analysis

A Role for Personal Learning Environments_in_Formal K-12 Education

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