Welcome to my new/old blog. Adventures in Libraryland V1 was born as I was entering my life in librarianship back somewhere about 2010. It took me through my masters program at San Jose State and chronicled my evolving thinking about libraries, education, makerspaces, and various other topics. As I am firmly settled in my career as a librarian, my posts got less frequent and my thinking more diverse. This new evolution of my blog may (or may not!) reflect my growing and expanding interests. I make no promise about what will show up on these pages.

For those of you who have followed me on my journey, I thank you for your dedication and patience. I truly value our discussions over the years and how you have challenged my thinking and helped me grow. I also extend you an apology for the disappearance of my previous posts. My previous blog became corrupted and all I was able to do was to reinstall everything. This wiped out my previous work on this site. I hope that nobody is looking for any of that old stuff anymore.

I hope that you will join me on whatever journey is to come and poke and prod me to make this a vibrant and worthwhile document.

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